De enige studie Bestuurskunde in Nederland die opleidt tot meester in de rechten

Law and Public Administration

Law and Public Administration (Juridische Bestuurskunde) is an academic programme training for both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, combining two disciplines. This combined approach is unique in The Netherlands and scarce elsewhere in the world.

The bachelor degree offers broad knowledge and a variety of perspectives on how the public sector is structured and operates. Add seminars, hands-on exercises and an internship and there you have all the theoretical and practical experiences for (future) policy makers, decision makers and policy analysts. Graduates receive the degree Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.).

The master programme aims at deepening and expanding the understanding of public management and public policy. It focusses on the dynamics in the public sector: changes that take place within and between public agencies and between public and private organisations. Graduates of the master programme are awarded the academic degree Master of Laws (LL.M.).

The degrees prepare the student for formative legal work in public administration, executive functions within governmental organisations and for research and consultancy positions within and outside government. Through their studies, students gain an understanding of the position and functioning of Dutch and European public institutions, of political and policy processes, of governance, participation and accountability and of methods and techniques to analyse these processes. The graduate will have gained both a broad theoretical foundation in public administration and law, and practical tools to analyse the content and the implementation of policy programmes and institutional design.

Watch the movie about our new master Governance and Law in Digital Society:

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